Myanmar InsuranceLaw Firms in Myanmar – Insurance Defense: Find Law Firms in Myanmar by Location and Area of Practice.Myanmar Insurance incorporated in 1952, Myanmar Insurance with its network 0f 38 branches established all over Myanmar, including one divisional/state office in each capital city of 14 States and Divisions is the Sole State-Owned Insurance Organization in Myanmar. The classes of insurance are as follows:—

  • Life insurance
  • Marine insurance
  • Aviation insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Engineering insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Miscellaneous insurance
  • Third Party Liability insurance
  • Comprehensive Motor insurance
  • Oil and gas insurance
  • Reinsurance 
Various Kind Of Insurance Services Are Provided By Myanmar Insurance In Time
According to the official announcements of Myanmar Insurance, they spend 253915074.79 kyats & 5000 FECs for the compensation of 8 types of insurances. They recouped for Third Party Liability Insurance, Miscellaneous Insurance, Travel Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance.
Source : Myawaddy Newspaper 25th September, 2011.
AIA says has approval to open representative office in MyanmarAIA Group, Asia’s third-biggest insurer, said on Wednesday that it was planning to open a representative office in Myanmar, as part of a strategy of targeting demand in fast-growing Southeast Asian economies. AIA’s chief executive, Mark Tucker, told reporters on a conference call that the company had received “provisional approval” to open the representative office, which he described as a “listening and observing post”. “It clearly once was a very attractive market and will be again,” Tucker said. A representative office allows a company to establish a presence in a country but does not permit a company to conduct business. AIA rival Prudential has previously expressed interest in Myanmar, whose insurance market could eventually produce US$1.6 billion (HK$12.4 billion) in annual premium revenues. Southeast Asia’s young populations, relatively high rates of savings and fast-growing economies are have become increasingly attractive for life insurers that have been hurt by low interest rates and an economic slowdown in the West. AIA last year bought insurance businesses in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. It said on Wednesday that it would establish a medium-term note programme to refinance part of its Malaysia acquisition. The company also reported a 27 per cent rise in its value of new business last fiscal year. That metric, which measures the present value of future business, rose to US$1.19 billion (HK$9.23 billion) in the year ended November 30, while its new business margin climbed 6.4 percentage points to 43.6 per cent. AIA’s net profit was US$3.02 billion (HK$23.4 billion) or 18 cents per share. Analysts on average had expected per-share earnings of 22 cents, according to Thomson Reuters data. Shares of AIA, which is headquartered in Hong Kong, were up 2.1 per cent in morning trade, compared with a 0.6 per cent rise in the benchmark Hang Seng index.
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Global insurer to open office in Myanmar

American International Assurance, the third largest insurance group in Asia, has received permission to open a representative office in Myanmar, news agencies reported last week.
“It clearly once was a very attractive market and will be again,” the company’s chief executive, Mark Tucker, told Reuters. A representative office will allow the insurer to establish a presence in Myanmar but does not allow it to do business here. Myanmar’s insurance sector comprises one state-owned company and 12 private companies that were given permission to operate last year, including Japanese firms like Sompo Japan Insurance, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Tokio Marine Insurance and Taiyo Life Insurance. American International Assurance is headquartered in Hong Kong and, like other insurers, is drawn to Southeast Asia by its young populations, high savings rates and fast-growing economies. Last year it bought insurance businesses in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The value of its new business rose 27 percent, to US$1.19 billion, last fiscal year, it said. Its net profit was $3.02 billion or 18 cents per share.
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ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံတြင္ ပုဂၢလိက အာမခံလုပ္ငန္း (၁၂)ခု မၾကာမီ ထပ္မံေပၚေပါက္လာရန္ ရွိေန……ဇြန္လေနာက္ဆုံးပတ္အတြင္း ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံတြင္ ပုဂၢလိက အာမခံလုပ္ငန္း (၁၂)ခု ေပၚေပါက္လာရန္ရွိေၾကာင္း ဘ႑ာေရးႏွင့္ အခြန္၀န္ႀကီးဌာန
ဒုတိယ၀န္ႀကီး ေဒါက္တာေမာင္ေမာင္သိန္း၏ ေျပာၾကားခ်က္အရ သိရသည္။ “လြန္ခဲ့တဲ့ အႏွစ္ႏွစ္ဆယ္ေက်ာ္ေလာက္တုန္းက ျမန္မာျပည္က ထြက္ခြာ … သြားခဲ့တဲ့ တစ္ဆင့္ခံ အာမခံပြဲစားကုမၸဏီေတြဟာ လက္ရွိအခ်ိန္မွာေတာ့ ျမန္မာ့အာမခံ ေစ်းကြက္ကုိ ေစ်းေလွ်ာ့ၿပီး ျပန္လည္၀င္
ေရာက္ဖုိ႕ ႔ျပင္ဆင္ ေနတာကုိ ေတြ႕ရပါတယ္။ အခုခ်ိန္မွာ EU ကလည္း ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံကုိ လက္နက္ ကူးသန္းေရာင္း၀ယ္ေရးကလြဲၿပီး အားလုံး
ကုိ ျပန္လည္ခြင့္ျပဳၿပီး ပြဲစား ကုမၸဏီေတြ ေတာ္ေတာ္မ်ားမ်ားက ျမန္မာ့အာမခံေစ်းကြက္ကုိ ျပန္လည္ ၀င္ေရာက္ဖုိ႕ ျပင္ဆင္ေနတာ ေတြ႕ရပါ
တယ္” ဟု ေျပာၾကားသြားခဲ့သည္။ ျမန္မာ့အာမခံလုပ္ငန္းအေနျဖင့္ အာမခံပညာ တုိးတက္ျပန္႔ပြားေစရန္ ျပည္သူလူထုအတြင္း အာမခံလုပ္ငန္း
ျပန္႔ပြားေစရန္ လုိအပ္ခ်က္မ်ားကုိ ဆက္လက္လုပ္ကုိင္ေဆာင္ရြက္ရန္ ရွိေၾကာင္း သတင္းရရွိသည္။Source : ေအးခ်မ္းမြန္ မွ ကူးယူ ေဖာ္ျပသည္။
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